Set up of cartridge on linear tracking turntable.

Greetings all! I would appreciate some advice on setting up a new cartridge on a linear tracking turn table. Here is my best attempt to date. I just purchased a new Benz Micro Glider M2 at 0.8mV output. I installed it on the head shell, leaving the attachment screws slightly loose and the cartridge positioned as rearward as possible. Then, I took some kite string, made a slip knot, and attached it to the center spindle post. I assume a linear tracker needle should be set right at 3:00 (think of the platter as a clock). I took a precision square, placed it on the side of the table, pulled the string tight, and line of sighted the spindle center line, string, and straight edge togethere. Now, at this point I was going to tape the string to the side of the table so I would have a "straight line" at 3:00 to set the cartridge too. As soon as I let go of the steel square it was pulled by the strong magnet integral to the Benz. Next, my heart stopped beating because the boron cantaliver and diamond tip were sheared off! I now know to be more careful with ferros objects around MC cartridges. But, was my initial guess at set up correct? Thanks for the feed back.
P.S. I did not sleep very good last night.
Oh, no! I am so,so sorry for your loss. I would be sick as a dog right now if that happened to me. My sympathies, and better luck with your next one. I only use pivot arms, so I'll leave the setup question to the linear-tracking experts.
You are making too much work for yourself. There are mirrored alignment tools that are punched to fit your spindle and have a straight line already inscribed.

These are non magnetic, reflective to aid in evaluation of azimuth and designed with beveled edges and ultra smooth surfaces to minimize trauma on the stylus.

Place the mirrored tool on the spindle and make it as close to 3:00 O'clock as you can. Push the arm along the line to determine if the stylus runs in front of the line at either the outer or inner edge of the LP.

Slightly rotate the platter to bring the line to match the stylus. If the stylus is too far behind the line, mount it further out on the head shell. For the other direction, do the reverse.

It is not possible for you to get this wrong as long as your cartridges stylus traces exactly along the line from outer to inner most positions of the LP.

The tool I use is the Ortofon RC 018. A quick search with Google turned up this page where one is for sale:

I think I paid $15.00 or so for mine at a CES a few years ago. If this one is not available, other brands are probably just as good.

Sorry about your Benz, that is a great cartridge. Hope your able to get the tunes flowing again soon. It will make everything all right.
Hello Mr. Porter,
Thank you for the advice. I went to the web page, found the Ortofon RC 018, and even looked at a picture of the mirror gage. But, there is no way to get in contact with No phone or e-mail address is attached to the web page. Any advice?
Keep an eye open here at Audiogon or place a wanted ad. Search EBAY and other audio sites like AudioShopper. There are analog sites that sell LP and cartridges, maybe one of them sells the Ortofon.

There is also the more expensive Wally Tractor gauge.

During CES last year Wally was hanging out at Audio Research and showing a linear track tool. I intended to look it over and maybe buy one, but he left for a meeting with someone and I never caught up with him again.

Here is a link to information on Wally tractor. I suggest you email him and ask about the tool.
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Mr. Porter,
Thank you very much for all of the help and advice. It will take about a month for my new (replacement) Benz to arrive. Hopefully I will be in possession of a proper set up gage by then.
Best Regards.
I sincerely wish you the best with your project. I would be willing to help via telephone if you need me. Click on my name and use Audiogon servers to email me.

If you are OK on your own, great! Post back when you have music.