Set up Michell Technoweight

I can't for the life of me figure out how to set it up properly for my Rega Planar 2 with rb250. The arm keeps floating to the right and I can't figure out how to set up the VTF. I never used a rega before, my other turntable was a music hall. Thanks for any help!
What cratrideg are you using? It may be too light for use with the Technoweight. I had one on a RB600 with a Lyra LydianB and it has been a while but I seem to remember having an issue with this. If the weight is as close to the tonearm base as you can get it, then try adding a small
weight, for trial purposes only, and see if the headshell
drops to prper tracking height. If that solves it you can order some headshell weights...
as an example.
Its a Denon Dl110 and I am using the smaller weight that was suggested to use. I can balance the arm but it always want to float to the right and I if I put any kind of anti-skating on it goes to the right faster. I read the instructions for the tecnoweight a million times and can't figure out how to set the VTF.
Bluedeni, sorry I hadn't looked at ths thread in a few days. What happens when you remove all the anti-skate?
I remeber when I set mine on the P25 I removed the mat and used the glass platter and adjusted the antiskate based upon arm movement rather than numerical setting.
But as mentioned it has been a while since I have owned this combo. But one thing that is etched in my memory, is that once I got the Technoweight set up, I loved the sound it brought forth. A much deeper and much more controlled bass response. I added a number of tweaks to that table, and the Technoweight was the one that had the biggest positive effect on the performance. So hang in there you are on the right path.
I agree with Theo. The Technoweight gave a more substantial improvement than any other tweak I made to an RB300.

When you turn anti-skate off, and balance the tonearm so it's floating in mid air (zero VTF), does the arm float to the right? It shouldn't.

For what it's worth, the end stub on the Technoweight is where you should be making VTF adjustments. Each dimple is equivalent to .1 grams. But the only way to know the weight with any kind of certainty is to use a stylus pressure gauge. Do you have one?
Hi Bluedeni, In my experiences the new Rega arms have a pull to the right even when the anti skating is nulled out. It says so in the owners manual. I believe this is what you are experciancing, it is normal for Rega., to pull. your balancing of the arm is another problem. Mine worked out just fine but it still pulls more than any anti skate I ever had befor . Good luck David
Checks with a stylus pressure gauge reveal that the markings on my Michell Technoweight are but a vague and unreliable approximation. I wonder too about the floating arm phenomenon. Anti-skating corrections apply to an arm/cartridge combination being subject to the frictional forces involved when the stylus is in contact with the surface of a revolving LP, and have nothing to do with an arm floating freely in thin air.

So saying, the Technoweight is an impressive device in terms of both sound quality and in tracking less than pristine LPs.