Set up for Vandy 2CE sigs

Have been very interested in the Vandersteen line. I've tried for days to get a pair of 1C's to sound good in my room, either with the manual, or by ear, but can't quite get it right. Am not hearing the ''laid back'' natural sound I was expecting.
I can try the 2CE sigs this weekend, so would appreciate any opinions on the main sonic and set up differences between the 1's and 2's.

FYI, my room is 14 x 14 x 7, square, but dedicated, and using Sim Celeste pre and power.

Thanks folks,
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The Vandersteen owners manual has pretty straight foward speaker positioning directions. Follow them carefully. Speakers need to be located away from rear and side walls a good distance, it takes a little time to find the perfect spot. They should also be used in conjunction with Sound Anchor or Vandersteen bases and tilted to insure the tweeter axis is pointed to your ears.

I hate to say it but it may your room that is the big problem. You may need to consider creating a near field listen position (speakers close to your chair), extensive room treatments to tame the nasties, or relocate your system to another room. Good luck.
Thanks Rjones, I'm afraid you may be right about the room....square is not good, I know. Only room I can use at present tho. I set the 1C's up diagonally, used the manual, and the bases are on the speakers. Just couldn't seem to lock it down. The nearfield option may be the only one open to me. My present speakers are a mid sized monitor, and didn't present near as much sonic trouble as the larger Vandy.

Hi, I had the 1C's a few years ago. I could not get them to lock-in either. I tryed everything. I'm not a big fan of Vandersteen speakers (1C' and 2CE's) they aren't real clear sounding (kinda veiled) and harder to drive for tube int. amps. I also had trouble getting the Meadowlark Kestrel to sound right.
Good luck,
I've enjoyed both 1Cs and 2CEs in combo with a tubed (EL34) push pull 30wpc integrated driven by a Meridian 508.24. Running with Siltech ICs and Cardas NR speaker cable in a 15x12x8 room. Listen, primarily, to acoustic jazz and sometimes at higher volume. Placement took some patience with both models and my complaints mainly lie with the space, not the hardware. IMO there is a significant step up from the 1C to 2CE, especially the Sig model. Great value for the money.
I haven't had much experience with 2CE Signatures, but am a 3A Signature owner. I had a great deal of trouble setting up the 3A Signature. I didn't find the documentation all that helpful and, like you, I had a limited space in which I could place them and move them. Despite all this, I would say that the hard work was worth it. Mine are placed only about two feet from the rear wall (measured from the wall to the rear of the speaker). I have a large wall unit between the speakers, but the speakers are 3-4 inches further into the room than the wall unit. The speakers are placed along the long wall of a rectangular room which is 22'x12'x8'. I give you this information because none of it is ideal placement, but by making small changes, I was eventually able to get excellent sound. A lot of trial and error will eventually get you a sound which is dialed in, but pay attention to the tilt back. That is one item where I would pay attention to the documentation and then, after I followed their instructions, I would experiment with different tilt angles. Also remember that moving a speaker an inch or two or changing the tilt-back angle can make dramatic differences in how they will sound. My experience with 3A Signatures is that all the work is absolutely worth it. Unless you have a room with real acoustic problems or your electronics absolutely don't match your 2CE's, you will eventually be able to be very happy with them, but it is a lot of work and until you achieve good placement, the speakers will not give a hint as to how good they can sound.
Thanks for the responses folks, much appreciated. An audio buddy of mine has offered to help with the 2's, see if two heads ( or four ears ) are better than one. I suspect also that my room is a major problem, but there may be hope yet. Since it's dedicated, I'm not restricted by domestic concerns about placement etc.

I hope the set up frustrations pay off with the sound quality the 2CE sigs are known to have.