Set up for Project Tube Box SE II

Currently I am using a Denon DL-110 in conjunction with a Project Tube Box SE II and then in to a Rogue Cronus integrated; the turntable is a Project Debut. The stated output of the Denon DL-110 is 1.6mV and as a result, it is connected to the MM input of the Project phono stage. I have several options for setting the capacitance on the phono stage including 120, 220, 340, and 440 pF/47k ohms. The Denon does not specify any capacitance value, so my question is what would be the best setting to choose? Is it just a matter of listening for different tonal characteristics, and if so, what should I look for? Or, is there another more objective way to determine the correct setting for this, or any other MM cartridge?
The Denon 110 is not a MM cartridge but a high output MC; I have one myself. This is probably no capacitance was given. Use the MC input if there is one, otherwise trial and error or check on the specialist forums like Vinyl Engine
Thanks for your advice!
I suggest you to use MM setting for this high output MC cart FIRST in case you will overload your system!!! MC setting with 60dB gain is way too much for an 1.6mV output cart!!!

About which capacitance value is the best? It'd be hard to tell as this is rather system dependent. Basically, the higher the capacitance value, the more likely to trigger off peaking of certain high frequency resonance of the carts. For example, for your Tube Box SE, if the maximum 440pf MM setting sounds harsh or bright or sharp, try lower the capacitance value until you feel satisfied. It would be hard to tell by anyone else who don't know nothing about your system.
Good luck