Set up Dunlavy SCIV's

I just got the Dunlavy SCIV's from the used shop. It came to me without any manual so I have to try myself. I have a few question need people here who own or ever set up them before to solve my problem.

1. How can I set it up correctly? I have set it with the short wall position but read many from this forum and sound like Dunlavy want us to do it on long wall. My room is 13'*20'*9' size.

2. Can this speaker biamp ? Currently I have 2 amp to use on them. One is a very samll nice sound Pass Alep3 that sound very nice except when they play with classical music. No punch and deep bass to drive the speaker. Another is local made 100 watts that sound good but still behind Alep in term of clarity, tranparency. I like to get one more Alep 3 to do vertical biamp. Have anyone try this and any comment?

Check the archives, there was a recent thread on this set-up topic, I recall. Don't know anything about biamping them.
Set up on the long wall is the only way to go with them my friend. My room is similar in size to yours and this is what worked for me.

You'll need your listening chair on the back wall with some dampning material behind your head to make it work. space them about 8ft to 10 ft apart, the wider the better. My dunlavies are about 18 in from the back wall but you will need to experiment to get them right for your room, the same with toe in. Start with the speakers firing straight out and move them apart as far as you can while keeping center imaging intact. Don't move them too close to the side walls though (leave 3 to 4 ft) so you minimize side wall reflection. Then work on moving them in and out from the back wall until the bass is optimized, deep, not boomy etc. Then work on toe in to get the focus optimized with out making the sweet spot (which will remain pretty small) any smaller than it needs to be.

as to the amps you can try to use the aleph to drive the mids and tweaters with the bigger amp driving the bass and it may help provided the two amps work well together. I've heard the Dunlavies with a 60 wt aleph and they sounded pretty good so the Pass should drive the high end nicely. I'm feeding mine with VTL 185 monos that are rated at around 230 watts in tetrode. They sound great but i'd still like some more power for the bottom end.
Hello Piezo,

Thank for your suggestion. I will try that on this weekend and response back if thing go right. I still belived that the speaker need to put far apart than usual. My previous speaker is Thiel 1.5 and I can set it only 1.8 - 1.9 metres as a maximum. It also require more distance from back wall.
Dunlavy is quite different from what I experience so far.

Room acoustics permitting, Dunlavys can be set VERY far apart. I heard a pair of SC VIs which were spaced 20 feet apart but imaged like mini-monitors.
you'll find you need to sit approximately 10 feet from the speakers for the best blending of the drivers to occur so in your room the placement along the longer wall isn't going to work.
the 10 ft is measured along axis between the seating position and the speakers not from the seating position and the center of the plane of the speakers so the long wall will work as long as the speakers are spred out.
Hello Piezo,

I just have a chance to try the long wall set up on last weekened. The result is so impressive comapre to short wall set up. I set the speaker around 10 ft aparts and 3.5 ft from back wall. I couldn't belived is sound very good. My wife and friend visited me last night and he told me that it's very significant improvement. Good news is I have no need to invest any dollar but just move the speaker.

Thank for your suggestion.