Set screw for a Levinson 39 CD player?

Does anyone know what size (length, thickness, thread size) of the set screw used for locking the transport on the Levinson 39 CD player?

I'm sure lots of people have misplaced the darn screw and I'm hoping someone can tell me what size "aftermarket" screw I could purchase at the hardware store that would lock the transport for shipping.

Thank you so much if you can help.

I've ordered an original screw from Harmon/Levinson but they are "back ordered".

I don't know, maybe it is a special screw that can not be duplicated at the local hardware store? Any help would be greatly appreciated
I would not trust an online response. What if you put it in, and you destroy the transpot mech? I would be seriously careful about a response without a 'proof' of ownership...
The majority of folks here are nice, but what if they make a mistake? who's gonna pay?
I am missing mine as well. I am told that while it looks somewhat like a hardware store screw, it has two different sized threaded sections and the ML screw must be used.

I would love to see one since ML wanted about $30 for a replacement.
Basically, you are just trying to prevent the tray from sliding during shipment, correct? Couldn't you just tape up the tray?

This is a composite screw, the main shaft is a 6-32 thread, 1.5 inches long, the base thread is 10-32,approx 1/8th inches long. Temporarily, you might try a 6-32 x 1.5 inch pan head, with a thin nylon washer, but don,t tighten it down to much.