SET question best 45 type tube

Hi Guys,
I was wondering if anyone had recommendations for tubes as a direct replacement for 45's in a yamamoto a-08s.
I'm thinking of purchacing a pair of emmission labs 45 mesh plates and wondered if anyone has any thoughts/experience with 45 tubes and their performance.

EML 45s are the best out there but I would go with the solid plate version. Mesh plate have had hum and emission (or lack thereof) issues in the past.

I don't know what kind of sound you are looking for, but, if you are looking for weight and a good bottom end, the EML solid plate will give you that. A friend had lots of problems with early production meshplates, but the solid plate tubes that he got as a replacement (two pairs of meshplates failed very quickly) are working just fine.

I currently run meshplate 2a3s in a parallel SET and they are my favorite 2a3s. They may be a bit less extended and open on top than the Sofia tube and NOS RCA double plates that I have, but the added weight and deeper bass response makes them my own preference. So far, they have been working fine for more than a year.

In short, I like EML tubes a lot. I just wish they weren't so costly.
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I've read that the mesh plates might be a little noisier and less reliable than the solids which could be a problem with the duos. This, togther with your comments, is steering me towards the solid plate 45's. If the EML tubes sound anywhere near as great as they look they will be excellent indeed.

Thanks for your help with this,

There is a really good comparison between EML mesh plates and solid plates on 6moons