SET power 30 vs 40 help please

I have 13 X 24 room and 89 dB speakers which have 8 ohms nominal and 6 ohms minimum empedance (4 mid/bass drivers 7 inches,1 dome tweeter and 2
ribbon tweeter)I had Unison Research S6 (2X30 watts,3 EL34 tubes per channel)SET though I was happy with sound and it 80 % drived well my speakers it was clipping while difficult dynamic passages come in the
music in some cds (% 20)with high volume.
I gave it back to my dealer and now I am planning to buy a PP tube amp or I will give an order for a new SET (My dealer has not it in his stock)which is again from Unison Research named Performance (new product) uses 3 KT88 per channel and 2 X 40 watts with larger power supply.
If I order this SET , can I satisfy % 100 thanks to plus 10 watts? or should I give up SET amps and buy PP amps for my inconvenient speaker and room specs
I thank you all in advance
Just my personal experience but I use a 8 watt mono block SETamp with the de-cappos at 92 db. they drive them loud enough in a medium sized living room without clipping. The de-cappos don't have a crossover to get in the way of the signal,so it's a cleaner more direct presentation. I would suggest a more efficient speaker and not change the amp. PP amp will generally not be as clean and detailed in the midrange.BTW my room is 24x14x11.
p.s. Another thing to consider,taking your point of view is how is the Unision costructed i.e. point to point wiring,type of transformers, tubes that you are using,tube rectification etc.
Strongly suggest PP amp over SE in this particular application.
A used BAT 60 to 75 watt tube amp would be an excellent choice. Price range from 1800 to 4000. There is a 60 watt model for sale right now for 2 large.

good stuff
The amps you mention are not set only 10 watts dif is less than 1db gain.