SET or OTL to drive Gallo 3.1's Recommendations?

Hello All: I posted asking for recommendations for amps to drive my Gallo 3.1's, got a lot of solid state recommendations, but was intrigued by Dpogue's 12W SET's -- I tried a pair of Tonewin 16 W SET 845 mono's and a low volume, the sound is amazing. Unfortunately, even with Paul Spelt's Zeros, they clip badly at any reasonable volume. I am thinking about spending for an SET or OTL rig ( possibly a new pre-amp too -- have the Odyssey candela now ) to drive these. Any help would be most welcome.
05-31-08: Dopogue
I'm driving mine with 12wpc SET monoblocks (845 output tubes) with never a hint of strain. Humongous transformers, though. I have the Gallo subwoofer amp to drive the woofers' second voice coils, so there's no shortage of bass. The Gallos obviously have a very benign impedance curve (8 ohms nominal). This is in an 18 x 40' room, BTW. Dave
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So, why not look at getting the sub amp for them ?
I am driving my VS VR4jr 89db 6ohm with the 16 watt 845 based Art Audio Carissa. I'm getting far more dynamic sound tham with the ARC Classic 60. The power supply and output transformers make a big difference.

Blessings, Bob
I had a Atma-sphere S-30 (30 watt OTL) on my Gallo MKII's. There was no bass compared to any of my SS amps. I picked up some VTL tiny triodes (25 watt triode) and they do much better. Decent bass with a little tube bloat. I wouldn't want any less power. When I want to crank it a few more watts would help.

Bi-amping your 3.1's is not a bad idea either. Tube on top and SS on the bottom.
Riley 804. I thought about this, but the distortion ( hash and compression ) of the treble concern me, would the sub amp clear up all distortion?
My ears were burning so I knew someone was talking my name in vain :-)

Well, not really. I think the key to my success using 12 wpc SET monoblocks with the Ref 3s in a VERY large room is ... the transformers. My friend who designed and built the amps got the trannies custom-wound IIRC from Magnequest. Tubes make a big difference too -- I'm using 845Ws from superTNT (no longer available), JJ KT-77s and Mullard ECC31s (replacing the original Mullard EL-34s and RCA 6N7s respectively). Clearly there's a lot of system synergy at work, but I repeat that I have never heard the amps clip. Dave
Thanks for all of the comments, Riley, I got your email, but I'll keep this on the forum for the possible benefit of others facing the SET/OTL vs solid state hybrid question on a limited budget.

I currently have an Odyssey Candela running a Van Alstine Fet Valve Ultra 550 into the Gallo's. This is the bext I have been able to do so far, though I will be trying another preamp with lower output impedance soon. It has a very nice sound, and can play at ear-ringing volume without clipping. Nice detail, very good tonal balance and reasonable detail. Just lacks that 3D holographic image with layering and depth that I have heard with good tube set ups.

I have pretty much convinced myself that at my budget, I will not be able to find low watt tubes amps to drive the Gallos.

I have a pair Tonewin 845 Monoblocks rated 16W and a Cayin 300B integrated rated at 9 W. I may just have to look into much more efficient speakers.

What I would love to find are speakers that would work with either of these and give me the tube 3D stage with all of the detail and dynamic range of the Gallo's. I would be willing to sacrifice some bass responce to achieve this.

Help me Obiwan, you're my only hope! (;o)...
Oceanica1, if you already have a set of the ZEROs, just about any lower-powered OTL will be OK with the load of your Gallos (they aren't *that* hard to drive after all...).

A small OTL might make 20-30 watts, which is a lot of power for an SET. Our S-30 will make 45 watts into 16 ohms, which is what you will be loading the amp at with a set of ZEROs. I suspect that driving directly, the same amp would be bass-shy.

An added benefit is that most lower-powered OTLs will be a lot cheaper than SETs of the same power :)