SET intigrated amp with a phono stage?

Does anyone know of a SET (single ended), low powered, class A, Intigrated amp that has a phono stage?

I am looking into the vintage thing because I can't seem to find anything like that.

Audio Note makes several SET or single ended integrated amps with phono stages to consider. Here's three for starters:

Oto SE Phono - Single Ended with EL84 power tubes at 10 wpc. The Oto SE is a combination of the M1 preamp and the P1 SE amp.

Soro SE Phono - Single Ended with 6L6 power tubes at 18 wpc. The Soro SE is a combination of the M1 preamp and the P2 SE amp.

Meishu Phono - Single Ended Triode (SET) with 300B power tubes at 9 wpc. The Meishu Phono is a combination of the M2 preamp and P3 SE amp.

You can find more information on Audio Note products at their web site at: Unfortunately, the information offered is somewhat limited so it is recommended to check their dealer listings and associated web sites for more information. One happens to be Amherst Audio at: where you can find more in depth information on all things Audio Note. Freely given for informational value, I have no affiliation with either Audio Note or Amherst Audio.

I can personally attest to the quality and long term satisfaction of their products as I have owned since 1995, and continue to use, an Audio Note M1 preamp and P2 SE amp along with AN/J speakers and cabling.

If you are inclined to go in that direction, the best thing would be to locate a dealer and give their integrated amps a listen to see if they would be suitable for your use. Speaker matching is one factor that cannot be ignored with low power single ended amps, but if you hit upon the right combination you may find your future discretionary funds being alloted more to music than equipment acquisition.

Good luck with your search.
Thanks Very Much, Audio Note must be the only company that makes amps like that.
I'm sure Audio Note is not the only maker of integrated single ended or SET amps with phono stages, but it is the only one where I have personal knowledge of some of their products.

I'm sure you will get other recommendations from those more knowledgeable than myself who keep of on the various current offerings from other companies.
I too have found integrateds with phono fairly rare. The carefully restored offerings from Sam's Audio Labs in Montreal are worth looking into. I have the restored Heathkit AA-151 which bettered the Eico HF-81, and has an excellent MM stage as well. It is like a Leben CS300 with a phono stage in. You can learn more here: