SET Integrated Amps

Hello all,

I'm interested in SET amplification, but I also like the idea of reducing box count, so an integrated SET would be ideal. However, these do not seem to be "two great tastes that go great together," based on what I (can't) find on the web. What I'd like ideally: * SET (45, 2A3, etc.), * volume control, * 3+ inputs, * tape loop. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!
SET's can cost anywhere from a couple hundred dollars to a couple hundred thousand dollars. Knowing your budget would help.
My personal budget would probably top out around $2K. From what I've been able to find, my ideal would be a Moth Audio Si2A3 (with a tape loop added :)

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Don't know if they still make it but back in '97,
Wavelength came out with the Junior an integrated SET amp
Art Dudley wrote a rave review of it for Listener, it was
2K new back then, so a used one should be less.
Cary 300SEI.
the speakers are?
Almarro 318b
Thanks for all the feedback thus far. In response to the question from Jaybo, I plan to use the Lotus Acoustics WL8, which uses a single 8" full-range driver, rated at 95.5 dB ( This speaker is on order, so I can't tell you anything other than what's on the web page, really.
well...there are lots of choices, but there is a bel canto integrated SET on agon that is as good as it gets. check it out.
I second the Almarro 318b. It is such a powerhouse for high efficient speakers. Price is silly cheap for the quality. See the 6 Moons review.