set integrated amp...$1000 or less..n/u

Hi, any suggestions new or used..must be easy to use
[ bias, changing tubes] as I have no experience with tubes.
Speakers are very eff. horns[ altec valencias].I play a lot of inst. jazz cdr's as well as some vocals.

Also if you have the time could someone tell me what difference I might experience between the set amp and say a primaluna..which I have heard in another system.

Thanks, Larry
Fi X integrated - you can't go wrong with Don Garber's amps. It will take about 3 months to be finished but is well worth the wait (I think prices went up a little to about $1150). Used they rarely come up and sell for around $700-1000

On a pair of Abbys the my Pre/Fi Super X combo was a huge improvement over a Jolida EL34 based amp (similar to the Primaluna): Tighter bass, deeper/wider stage, more realisms, better extension and mids.

Good luck!

Thanks..restock....anyone have his website address or know how to didn't come up with anything
Larry, you might want to post your general question on the SET asylum. As for Fi: Don has no website, but his email is: He will mail you some information. Be patient he is very busy since his amps are hand built from scratch: Some reviews of the Fi amp (that you can find via google :)

Enjoy The Music review
TNT review

6moons has multiple reviews of other Fi products.

A few more amps to look at:

Almarro 205 MKII
Almarro 318
Bottlehead SEX, or Bottlehead amps and Pre

Also, since you have Altecs Valencias, ask your question at the Vintage Asylum as well; I am sure there are others that use the Valencias and will give you much more concrete help.

Good luck!

Also, one more comment: Listening to a friends Altecs, the Altecs might require much more substantial amps (with larger power supplys and output transformers) that most 1K amps will not have. The Fi and above mentioned are excellent, but might not have the ultimate control the big woofers in the valencias might need.

Your best bet is to look up what people are uing on Audio Asylum or ask your question there - for SET and tube amps nothing goes over a well matched speaker-amp interface.