SET-Cary, Unison, Wavelength, Other ?

Looking to purchase a SET amp(s) with flexibility to drive most speakers to reasonable listening levels without limiting my future purchase of speakers to monitors or just a few brands. Hope find great midrange, tight bass and open top end. I estimate 30-50 watts per side is necessary. Any thoughts or suggestions in brand or models that fit this broad range ?
If you can afford them the Wavac's from Japan ar absolutely incredible. The big HE-833 is the best amp I've ever heard by a huge margin. It can drive my Soundlabs with ease and the sound is hard to describe. When you something that s better than everything eals hands down its hard to say anything other than 'perfect'> Take a look at Wavac. the importer site is
Try the Antique Soundlab 805 Explorer - 50watts/channel. The Cary 805 C - 50watts/channel. The Wavac HE 833 is absolutely incredible in every way but it will hurt your bank balance.
The Art Audio Jota is "only" 20 watts per channel, but it is a high current SET, and played my Merlin VSM-SEs just as loudly as the 50 watt Cary 805C's could. You'd be surprised how loud speakers 90dB efficient/8 ohm, or better, will play with 9 or 10 watts. I drove the Merlins with the fabulous Fi X3 300B SET, 9.5 watts per channel, as loudly as I'd ever want on almost all music I ever listen to. The only time it ran out of gas was on some very high dynamic range (and listening level) classical LPs of full orchestral range.
Bel Canto has both 40wpc & 80wpc designs...integrated, monoblock, etc. They're very nice amps, and several are Sterephile recommended components. Their website is