set amps with merlin vsm??? enough power

is anyone running 8 watt or so sets with the vsm(m or se) and what type of results?

thanks jim
Hi Jim:

I have run hi output SET's with the Merlins with excellent results, but the least powerful of these was 20wpc. The manufacturer suggests a minimum of 17wpc and I would say that the success of 8wpc will depend on how many db's you're looking to produce. This speaker is extraordinary and I'd be hard pressed not to suggest you give it a try. I will also suggest you give the manufacturer a call and get his insight on the subject.

Look into OTL amplifiers. They are a perfect match for the Merlin's. should definitely talk (or e-mail) to Bobby at Merlin. It may work fine in a small room, or nearfield position, but loud volumes may not be possible.

I'm running my Merlins with Cary 300B SE Sig monoblocks(12wpc) and Cary 2A3SE Sig Monoblocks(3.5-5wpc). All depends on size of your room and the kind of music you are listening.

I was very surprised to see Cary 2A3 SE Sig monoblocks driving my merlins, they are only 3.5 - 5 wpc. Sounds stunning, won't buy any other amps/speakers. Believe it or not, 2A3 has better bass than 300B's.

I mainly listen to jazz, Vocal, and some Classical in nearfield. on Classical, Merlin could use more power but so far sounds good.