SET Amps and Maggies

are there any SET amps that can run my maggie 12s?
What is your price range for a SET amp?

I don't think you are going to find many SET amps that do well with 4 ohm/86dB speakers at any price range except the $5k and up. Even then, that's not a SET strong point.

Unless you listen to a lot of folk, a cappella, chamber music, etc. Still, it would probably take one of the high power SETs to make things work.

If you want tubes that will work well, look at push-pull designs.
Agree with Darkmoebius but your room size is also a 100% factor in this setup. I had the 12's in my bedroom 20 x 20 and found the maggies easily clipping my 200 wpc Mcintosh amp. The 240 watt classe cap151 didnt fare any better, however when I brought the speakers in my 12 x 10 office they sang with a 30 watt integrated tube amp.
Ditto that---
Check out Paul Speltz and his Autoformer. Works well.
Can't beat Velo62's first hand experience for advice.

Might be worth looking into some of the new tube/mosfet hybrid amps which could deliver the the power and grip of solid state with with the spatial and tonal goodness of tubes.

Moscode 401HR would be at the top of my list. 200wpc@8 ohms, 300+wpc@4 ohms. It's getting great reviews in the press and several locals here and on Audiocircle have dropped their monster solid state amps(Bryston 4B-SST, McCormack DNA 500, BAT VK-600SE, Dodd 120, etc) for it. Tvad here on Audiogon has them.

Also, the check out the Butler 2250's or Van Alstine 550.
Or Wolcott Presence amplifiers.
Forgot about the zeros. So if I get zeros can I essentially run any SET amp I want? Do zeros degrade the sound? Will I get the same liquid effect you get from SET amps?
Tz7, you haven't told us how loud you like to play your system. I have been running a SET (Art Audio Carissa Sig) on my 3.6's for 5 months off and on. Up to a certain level, it's really sweet. After that, I have 2 other solid state amps that I switch in if I need to go "one louder". So yes, there are SET amps that can drive Maggies.
Tz7, not to be a party pooper, but you are simply trying to use the wrong tool for the wrong job.

SET amps are primarily designed to drive high(er) efficiency, high(er) impedence, relatively stable speaker loads. I don't think Magnepans meet any of these three criterion. And Zero's will only address one of these issues. But, it might be worth asking the Zero's maker, Paul Speltz, he says that over half his customers are Maggie owners. Perhaps he knows of some amps that work.

One thing for sure, there are very, very, few SET amps intentionally designed to deliver high current. And they are damned expensive. But even then, I'd guess the current intended for most 90-100dB speakers is entirely different from what your speakers want. Not even in the ballpark.

I own one of the few brands of SET specifically designed to deliver high current(for SET), Art Audio. They make a 50wpc "high power option" Art Audio Jota BX (using the KR 52BX tube) that has both 4 & 8 ohm outputs. It "employs larger transformers and adjusted internal parts values to support the increased demands and current delivery". But, it's going to cost you $10k+

If you are really serious, AA makes Jota monoblocks that can be made in the high power option. It'll cost you north of $15k, but if you are really serious about Maggies and SET, are probably the best option.

But, all this is seriously unrealistic considering your speakers only cost $1,100 brand spanking new. Nor is SET the the way to get the best sound from your Maggies.

Although.... I think Single-End Pentode (SEP) amps actually work better the lower the impedance they work into. And there are some great, affordable, SEP amps being made right now. Don't know of any above 9wpc off hand and have no idea if they will drive Maggies.

The Art Audio Jota with the high power option 52BX tube is 30WPC not 50WPC.

Check it out here:
Not a match. If you want your maggies to sing with tubes it is going to cost a small fortune for Walcotts or even old Melos tube amps. I suggest you try a good SS amp and a tube preamp. If you want something good and very inexpensive try a luxman R117 receiver (if you can find one).
11-14-06: 55dok
Not a match. If you want your maggies to sing with tubes it is going to cost a small fortune for Walcotts

There is a pair of Wolcotts listed for $6500. Is this considered a small fortune? It seems somewhat reasonable to me in the big picture of tube monos that can drive Maggies, especially considering the flexibility of the amps with features like variable damping.
Your original question had to do with SET amplification. SET amplification, like the Maggie sound, is very addictive. I get the chills imagining the two together. You can see from the posts that Maggies and SET are just not going to happen; at least at a volume you'll be comfortable with. Remember Wolcotts are not SET. This is what you originally asked. Not what tubes go great with Maggies, right? I used to own Maggies and they need oodles of killer watts and space too bloom. Wow, if there were 200 wpc SET. The Maggies wouldn't be the only speakers singing a sweet tune...warren
I own AES six pacs...are there any tubes that would get me closer to the SET sound? which assume is more palpable, lush, organic etc.
Take a look at this page and you may get some ideas:(
If you're really looking for the beauty of SET, maybe you should think of letting go of your Maggies. It would be the brave thing to do to enter the SET world...
"I own AES six pacs...are there any tubes that would get me closer to the SET sound? which assume is more palpable, lush, organic etc."

Don't worry about the SET sound, properly driven planars have their own "magic" that is just as engrossing and enveloping.

I heard the ESP Concert Grand ($40k) driven by Kinetics 300wpc Wavestream Kinetics V-8 amps($35k) at the LA HE Show this year and it was absolutely glorious. I would sell off my SET/horn system in a heartbeat for fraction of that glory. Granted, it was $100k system.

But, the biggest problem, Tz7, for anyone trying to lend suggestions is that you have never defined what's your price range.

The Cary Six Packs are ~$2.4k new and ~$1,5k used. Is it accurate for us to assume that you'd like to spend a similar amount? Less? 2x as much? 3x?

The Six Packs are rated at 55wpc, but also 110wpc PEP. Do these drive your Maggies well?

Also, what are you using as a preamp?
SET amps are not the "end all" in high end amplifiers. There are other topologies that will provide superb performance with greater compatibility for the Maggies.