SET amps

What tubes are a good balance of great intimate sound and budget? Any suggestions for amp kits and builders? $1500 budget Or so. Any options?
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This is a bit over your budget target but certainly worthy of consideration.  The kit comes with Lundahl output transformers and Alps audio grade volume control.  The kit might also come with Takman resistors and Mundorf coupling capacitors.
Two options I tell my friends (for whom our NiWatts are a touch too pricey):

Both Brian Cherry (Diyhifi) and Dan S (Bottlehead) have an excellent reputation for value and service.

Thom @ Galibier Design
Try a Dennis Had amp from ebay...or anywhere else...a handmade masterpiece that shines with efficient speakers.
I second Wolf's suggestion, Dennis Had amps are fantastic and they are within your budget.