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What tubes are a good balance of great intimate sound and budget? Any suggestions for amp kits and builders? $1500 budget Or so. Any options?
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Also my first tube experience was with a primaluna prologue 2 which I had for years and just recently sold.. right now I’m running a nait 2 with omega 3xrs in a listening area 13x15 but the rooms are open concept. I find the nait 2 in the room too shrill but my listening area is very very lively. Still I enjoy the nait. Just looking for the next step. 
Anyone know About the set amps from  Ken Uesugi  I’m Japan? I heard his 2a/3 on you tube and it sounded phenomenal . Read some and he seems like an amazing designer. Does anyone know his work compared to Tom Eaton ?
Thanks Imhififan ,Jond and Riley. I would love the audionote but over my budget. As is the don garber listed on Agon. 
The elekit has good reviews as does the set45 by Alan Eaton. One other very small builder analog ethos AE1 with 6l6 tubes was recommended by Omega Speakers but Luis Chacko has not heard it. He likes the design of the ae1 and also recommended the elekit. 
Since I can’t hear them its very difficult. If I knew which tube to go with that would be a big step. Maybe I’m making too much out of this but I don’t think there is much resale value in kit amps and if I don’t like it I just wasted $1500.
Thankyou Riley mentioned the site and it’s been helpful.
Thanks Lowrubes. Any ones that you liked?