SET amp with solid state preamp

I am considering purchasing a low powered SET amp and was wondering if it would work with a solid state preamp? Also what would be the best speakers to use with this type of amp. Also looking for set amp recommendations. Thanks for responding.
I've tried a custom-built FET amp (Solid State) with my 300B SET's and the combination worked very well. Unfortunately both are pretty custom units and are not available to recommend, but just wanted to indicate that synergy is certainly possible that way. I was very impressed, as otherwise I'd strongly favored a tube pre. With low powered SET amps synergy is absolutely critical, and if you screw it up you will wonder what all the fuss is about and end up with a bunch of glowing paper weights. Definitely pay attention to folks who've had experience with specific components you are considering and see what they've had success in pairing them off with. In general you will definitely be looking for speakers with a very high sensitivity (expressed in db/meter). Depending upon what amp you end up trying, you may need to consider nothing under 92db or more. This will also depend on the size of your room, the maximum volume you like to listen at, and the kinds of music you like to listen to. Here's what I've found to be the minimum in my own personal experience with several low-powered amps in small to moderately sized rooms. YMMV:

3 watts (2A3 based SET) - absolutely no less than 98db
8 watts (300B based SET) - 96db minimum
11 watts - 92 db worked well here, but it was a PP design

Designs with these tubes running in parallel will yield more power and may require less sensitivity, but you've stated you are considering low-powered versions (which I've liked myself, but I'd also opine are not as versatile in general)

Ultimately I really like the combination of low-powered SET with the old Klipsch Heritage design horn-based speakers that run around 104db (LaScalas, Khorns and Belle). All are very large speakers, but that combination is outstanding, and can be quite a bargain if you have the space.

You'll probably want to state your budget for this stuff, because SET amps are available from very reasonable prices to very expensive, as are the speakers that mate well with them. I'd warn that SET is not necessarily for everyone - why are you drawn in that direction? What types of music do you listen to? More information will help others steer you in the right direction.

I've been using a Naim preamp with my Art Audio Jota monos. ( sorry, not quite *low power*, I know.
Almost all AA amps I've tried, Naim preamps,so far, are the best choice for me.
Have a look at the Lamm line of gear, they're top line pre is solid state (with tube power supply) and works tremendously with the 18 watt monoblocks.
I have a John Hogan 6sn7/27/2A3&45 S.E.T. amp that I'm not using anymore because I bought a second John Hogan S.E.T. amp.

You can find lots of information about the John Hogan S.E.T. amps on Audio Asylum.

I think it's 1.5watts/ch running 45 tubes and 2watts/ch running 2A3 tubes. You just put in whatever power tube you want and you're in business. It's also self-biasing, so no need for matching tubes.
It would work extremely well with a good SS pre. With a bad one, not so much.
Gcj123, you need to get speakers with very benign impedance curves to use with lower powered tube amp, especially one that is single ended.

My speakers are rated at 88db/pm sensitive and I use a single ended tube amp rated at 12wpc. I have plenty enough power BUT my speakers were designed to be used with vacuum tube amps.