SET 300B Integrated Amp: Tube Choice

Hi all. I am having a SE 300B integrated amp built by a local amp builder. I am not too clued up on the technical details of amp circuits, tubes, etc. though. Thus far, the builder and I have decided to opt for the Aikido circuit, which uses two pre-amp stage tubes ( After much deliberation and discussion, we currently have the following ideas for those tubes:
1. 12BH7A driver, 12AU7A signal
2. 12BH7A driver, 12AV7 (5965) signal
3. 5687 driver, 12AV7 (5965) signal

Currently we are leaning toward the 12BH7A driver, in which case the decision is between the 12AU7A and the 12AV7/5965 input tube. If a 5687 driver is recommended though, we would opt for the 12AV7 input tube.

I'd welcome any thoughts or suggestions on the above!
1950's Tung Sol 5687 BP D getter driver. Audio Note has found this tube to work out in their 300B SET amps.
Don't overlook the output transformers. They contribute as much to the end result as the tubes you choose.