Session Men by Gil Baker

A film maker named Gil Baker has made a series of documentaries on session musicians---those who are heard in a lot of my favorite music, and perhaps at least some of yours. The guys who have worked in the L.A. studios, Nashville, Memphis, Muscle Shoals, Detroit, and others. These fantastic videos are available for viewing on You Tube, and are well worth your time.
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cool. thanks for the heads up Eric. These are the unsung heroes of most recordings. A friend appeared on two tracks of McCartney's new album. (He's the guy from Nashville I've mentioned to you). One of the best natural musicians I've ever heard. Not famous in the public eye, but other players know who he is. It's good that these guys (and women- Carol Kaye? Other women?) get a little exposure, especially if they never break out as featured artists. So many, who make such a huge difference in what we are listening to. 
I'm currently interviewing Wendell Harrison. Man, that guy can play-- one of the small handful that got featured performer credit, formed his own label, etc. Still not exactly a household name but somebody whose story traces the arc of post-War jazz. 

The L.A. film includes mention of Carol Kaye, including comments about her by Nancy Sinatra. Some of the players discuss the money inequity issue; everyone else involved in a hit song receives points---the songwriter, the publisher, the producer, the singer---everybody except the session musicians, who are paid a flat fee. Many of the signature hooks of a song were added to the song in the studio by the guitar player, bass player, or pianist. No songwriting credit, no royalties. One musician said for one song he played on his income was $100, the singer’s $120,000.

Bill, your review of the new Doug MacLeod album in one of your two recent emailings is fantastic, your best yet!

Thanks, mon. I’m actually enjoying the music history aspect more than discussing sonics, but I’m gonna lose my audiophile badge. KOJ is pretty intense. Doug was a gas, I may still be able to make a local show.
Thanks for the heads up, will definitely give them a look.