Servicing amplifiers from very small companies?

A lot of us buy amps/preamps from what are virtually one-person operations. In general, can these be serviced if the company shuts down? How easy is it for a skilled service shop to deal with a unit with which they are not familiar, even assuming all the parts are available (and is even this a good assumption?).

(I don't even want to ask about speakers or CD players/transports, as I don't think the prospects are good in those areas, but I was hoping prospects were brighter with electronics with no moving parts.)

I know this question has come up with Shindo in relation to parts, but I thought I would expand it.
Most all components can be repaired by a good tech unless a part is no longer available like a CD laser. My friend fixes components for local audio shops here in New Jersey without any real issues.
Tube products generally easier for a good tech w/o a schematic. A big problem is if parts are "potted" or otherwise have the identifying characteristics obscured. Happened to me once w a Llano boat anchor, I mean power amp. Of course, 10 years later, now someone has gotten the schematics...
Thanks Swampwalker. I originally wanted to title the thread "What to do with paperweights?" but I like 'Boat Anchor' better.
If a tech has a schematic and replacement parts are available, it can generally be fixed.

Swampwalker is correct - tube gear is generally easier, and it's important to point out that when you retube a piece of tube gear, you largely have a new piece of equipment.

A problem that some solid-state amp manufacturers would rather not acknowledge is output transistors going out of production - "boat anchor" is exactly what you'd have if you lose an output transistor in such a case.
Not only that, but there are a lot of bootleg copies of transistors on the market these days. So replacement power transistors have to come from a very reputable source.
Well that's fine, as I like tube preamps best and that's what I use. By the way, I heard the Atmasphere amps driving the TAD monitors at Axpona NYC last June -- really compelling sound going on there.
I would guess that they can be made to work, but not as well as the company that originates them. I have been burned too many times to buy from small companies.
IF I bought an amp from a 'small company', a Schematic and other docs would be part of the deal....or NO deal.
It's not like I'm going into business as a competitor.
There are only a small handful of "companies" in high-end two-channel audio that are not "small" (i.e., one to four-man operations), so I'm not sure to what amplifier companies you are referring (Audio Research or Krell back in the 90's?).