Service Suggestion

Does anyone know a good tech in Los Angeles that has experience working on vfets? I have a Sony TA-5650 that I don't want the v-fets to get ruined by a tech who's inexperienced. 

If Simi Valley isn’t too far for you, give Tom Ishimoto of Northridge Electronics a call at 805-276-6094. He’s authorized to do the warranty work for MacIntosh and over the years has worked on my ARC gear. He’s well respected and will tell you if he can do the work or not.

Thanks Oregonpapa! I have used Tom awhile back. While he is great, Simi Valley is a bit far for me, as I have an injury. I might just wait and use him because his knowledge of vintage gear is awesome and he's good at what he does. I would like to get the amp up to spec and pair with my Yamaha NS-1000.