Service manual

I have a lexicon lx5 I'd like to rebuild,  not fix but completely rebuild,  anyone know where I might get a service manual.  Forget the net , I need insider info,  
I can usually find something... Geez.. it's a blank slate out there..

I found 2 pages

A schemo with voltage and values, would go a long ways...

I see nothing. There are some good tecs here, maybe they will chime in, or point you in a direction..

They completely took this one off the grid, I am old schooler, frist thing I've wanted to mess with in years. Quality build.
I’ll keep looking.. Is it working ok now, any problems? Is this a preventative type thing? All the modules are working? You see any problems.. lots of good pics, inside, clean inspect...More pics..

The modules don’t look to hard to work on, and then the power supply filter caps, rectifier.., switches, cables, you might want to swap or change. Fuse holders, cleaned or swapped out..

I did find one module for 200.00 usd. Guess they work on the X7 too.