Service for Platinum Audio Speakers

I have a pair of Platinum Audio Solo's that I bought hear last year. I have damaged the drivers and need to replace them. Platinum has apparently ceased operations - their web site is gone and their phone has been disconnected. Does anyone know where I can get service or replacement drivers? Any help would be appreciated. Post here or send me email at Many thanks in advance!
Hello, Try calling "Toys From the Attic", in White Plains, NY. I know they have a few pairs of Platinum Audio speakers there and maybe they could give you some info. They have ads in all the magazines if you need their number.
Thanks BlBloom. I called tftm. They were very helpful. Unfortunately, their lead did not pan out so I'm still searching.
BlBloom - I spoke too soon. Jim at tfta has located the drivers. Still some complications but I'm closer. Thanks.