Service for Mark Levinson

I have an ML 28 pre that was probably hit by a surge plus a botched repair. Then I sent to the ML Service Bench who had it for nine months and sent it back unfixed when they closed. They did tell me there were parts availability issues. Has anyone had a good experience with a ML service center? I'd like to get this fixed since it is a good pre.
OMG! From the title I thought he died!
What was the problem before you sent it to the ML Service Bench and what is the actual condition?
I've had no issues at all .
They have told me that some parts for older units are no longer available but they can always find a worthy replacement .
They should be called The Dis-Service Bench. They kept my amps for 14 months and returned them to me still broken.
They cost me a lot of money.
No one should ever Use them.
You may want to check out George Meyer TV & Stereo in Santa Monica, CA. I recently had two items repaired by his shop (Cambridge Audio warranty work and re-capping/restoring an old Fisher receiver).

While I was there, Morris was gushing over some Levinson gear that he had just repaired and invited me to take a listen. Sounded great and for my own repair work, I'm happy with his services.