Service for Electrocompaniet

Is there still service in the US. for this manufacture?

I just happened to pick up your query when I was searching the internet for EC references.

In case no one else has responded, yes there is still service in the US through the US distibutor Jason Scott.

Here's a link to their website:

There phone number is 215-836-9944. Ther're located in eastern PA.


As an high end audio repair center for Electrocompaniet, this company offers non-warranty service, plus custom upgrades for Electrocompaniet. Please see:

"Ben Jacoby has over 30 years of experience as a troubleshooter and technician. His professional career began as a troubleshooter for Loral Electronic Systems, a U.S. based defense contractor of state of the art electronic countermeasure / early warning systems (ECM/EWS). That was when the audiophile bug bit him".