Service for a Cello Performance amplifier?

Good day!

I have had your site recommended to me by a friend, I am hoping for a bit of reliable advice.

I have Cello Performance amps which I used in bridged mode, and which sat unused for a couple of years. When I turned them on recently, I find that one unit has evidently developed a short of some sort, the breaker clicked it off a few seconds after power-up.

I would Love to have this fixed somewhere close to home, these are a bear to pack and schlepp around. I am in central Ohio, can anybody recommend a reliable and capable servicer?

Thanks in advance, and very much!
Older amp, sitting unused for a couple of years, maybe a power supply cap gone south. Why not try giving the folks at Mark Levinson's company Red Rose Music a call and see if they can advise you where to get service ?
I suggest you contact Matthew James:
Matthew James
84 Long Hill Road
Middlefield, Connecticut 06455 USA
860 349-5999 Fax 860 349-0579
Email -
The AudioWright
3521 N. High St.
Columbus, OH

They repaired my Accuphase DP65 cd player about 3 months ago (drawer belt, clean and lube). Give'em a call, but look for about a 3-4 week turn around time.

Good luck
Thanks to each of you, I am sure one of these folks will be able to help me out.

Much appreciated!