I'm not sure if this is the right forum to post my question.

I have recently purchased great new electronics and have new (Maggie 20.7) speakers on order. I have also found new music (thanks to Audiogon) so I have the music as well as the equipment.

I would like to purchase some sort of music server now so that when the new speakers come I could listen to my collection of CD's and the occeasional download.

My dealer (beloved and used for over 20 years) suggests that I should wait on purchasing any kind of music server since the technology is changing so rapidly.

But I'm getting older now and not later - and if I keep waiting for years I could likely keep waiting for more years.

So can anyone recommend a music server system that-

1: Give great fidelity to my current CD's?
2: Be easy to remote control from my sofa?
3: Allow the possibility for high fidelity downloads if I ever more in that direction?
4: Offer backups and flexibility so that if it ever crashes I wouldn't have to start over.

I have read the articles in TAS but unfortunately they confuse me more than they enlighten me.
or you could download in some high quality lossless format and then burn CDs.

Nottop...I was in the same situation that you are now. Almost verbatim with what you posted. I did a lot of research and found that the computer servers were way more than I had the knowledge of or tolerance for. Sorry computer guys. Many of you tried to convince me that it really wasn't that difficult, but the more I read and the more advice I got, the more complex it seemed.


...I bought an Olive 04HD and couldn't be happier. It's a GAS to use. Easy to rip CDs to and is very easy to use and setup. It is also pretty easy to get hi-rez files from HDTracks in to it. The editing software (Maestro) is simple and staightforward to use.

Most of all it sounds KILLER.

I fought even getting into the "server" type hardware for quite awhile. I was a "physical media", (i.e. actual CDs and records) kind of guy. I still am, but boy am I LOVING the Olive.

One of the best investments I've ever made in audio.
Thanks for your comments Mofi,

I've seen pretty good reviews of the Olive.
Could you tell me in your actual setup - do you control the Olve with a remote-acting device like an IPAd or is there some sort of remote with the Olive that works OK?

I would have to think that the Olive would be by the system and controlled from distance.

Too bad my dealer doesn't carry Olive. He already wasn't happy with me when I purchased my electronics for the Maggies from Sanders.

Best wishes,
I use a Nook Color that has been switched to the Android operating system,(N2A Card). Use can use almost any Ipad/iTouch/Android device. It comes with it's own remote, but just a typical remote.
I wish I could agree with Mofimadness about the Olive. I recently had an extended audition at my local dealers in a good system, Krell electronics and Kef Blade speakers. like you, I am computer phobic and wanted the Olive to be the solution for me. Unfortunately even the Olive 6 seemed flat and unenvolving, lacked soundstage depth and dynamics. It was not a patch on the Naim NDX and unitiserve next door and that was about equivelant to my midpriced Leema Antill CD player.

I concluded that I am just going to have to bite the bullet and go for a Mac laptop or mini, with a decent DAC and an IPad. I heard such a system in the home of a nearby enthusiast, who showed me how it all works. It was all crystal clear to me(not)
David12...thanks for your input. Not sure what/why you heard what you did?

I have the 04HD and the 06HD is supposed to be even better. My 04HD has extremely good depth and soundstaging and is very dynamic. "Flat and uninvolving" is something I would never say about my Olive. All of the reviews that I have read have been pretty positive.

We all know that system synergy is important. Maybe this just didn't happen with what you heard. Too bad you can't take one home to try in your system. Like I said, it's a wonderful piece of gear, easy to use and in "my" system, sounds superb.

YMMV, of course...
Mofimadness Each to their own, the system was a good one and 2 or 3 others in the room were also unimpressed with the sound. As you say, it would be much better to listen in my own system, but from what I heard, I did'nt think it worth my while.

I have read a couple of reviews, one in the very reliable HiFiWorld, a UK magazine. It praised the ease of use, but was not enthusiastic about the sound. I don't know, but I suspect it is the DAC in the unit. You could add an external DAC, but of course, it defeats the object of a one box solution