Server instead of new CDP?

I was thinking of replacing my aging Music Hall CD-25.2, but then thought that maybe I should look into a server instead.  As a minimum, I'd want to not have a drop in sound quality from the Music Hall.  The rest of my existing system is the JoLida Fusion DAC/Pre, Stratos Odyssey power amp, and Thiel CS 2.4 speakers.  Kimber for the cabling.  

I don't care much about WiFi or ethernet connectivity; I don't download music at all.  If I had the option of downloading to my main system, that might change...but it might not.  Presently, my second system has WiFi and I occasionally use Spotify to try out some new music, but I always buy a physical CD for anything I want to keep.    

It's important that I not need a keyboard or mouse to play music.  I would prefer the unit to have internal storage, but I've got an unused 1TB USB drive, so internal storage is not a firm requirement.  Budget is $1000.  

I am a little confused.  Which system do you want this player for?
If it is your first, does your DAC have a USB input?  If so, is the quality of the USB input equivalent to the other inputs?  If it had a decent USB input then that expands your possibilities.
  I use a Mac Air as a server, and forgo having to type by using an iPad as a controller.  In another system I use Bluesound, which also is controlled with an iPad app. The Bluesound Vault has 2 TB hard drive but will be slightly out of your budget.  The Mac could be used with your hard drive and might be cheaper, as would a Mac Mini.
  Neither system is perfect at identifying meta data and both require
some typing occasionally to correctly label albums.  I think that if you truly intend upon never having to type, then a server won't work for you, and I would stick to CDs
This is for my first system.  The Jolida Fusion DAC/Pre has Toslink, USB, and Coax inputs.  Haven't tried the USB input myself, but it seems to be well regarded.  

I'm fine with typing when I rip an album, I just don't want to have to type at playback time.  

Bluesound Vault does look like a good option -- maybe I can find a demo unit in a few months.  No rush on this.  
It isn't as easy entering meta data into Bluesound as it is on the Mac, basically 1 extra step.  Otoh, the Bluesound gets the metadata right much more frequently than iTunes does
Look at the Cambridge 851c. Still can spin your disc and use it as the DAC to your computer if you go that direction. Can't say I'm familiar with the sound of your JoLida but wouldn't be surprised it the Cambridge comes out on top and it sounds great with its preamp out directly to an amp. If you're not spinning vinyl there's no need add another preamp. Not sure why there's not a lot more press on this great CDP. I added the SR Black fuses to mine with a late model Kimber PK10 Gold PC. Sounds Great!