Server for APL Modified Esoteric

Hi all
I am considering a music server to be used in conjunction with the DAC in my APL NWO 4.0SE for redbook and SACD.
Does anyone have any recommendations. I have done a search through the forums and most of these servers appear to also have DACs.
Hi...nice SACD player. I have heard good things about it. You may wish to check out Soundstage/Ultra Audio. Jeff Fritz, the Editor of World's Best Audio System...has picked the Aurender Music Server System for 2012...his reviews should start coming out very shortly.

good luck and pls keep us posted.
Thanks for the suggestion LLoydelee21.
I will check it out.
I have read some of the reviews and this looks to be an impressive piece of equipment that will work well with an external DAC.
Great to hear, Vicks. If you do audition it, please let us know! I would love to hear what you think, as it is not available locally (yet).
Any other suggestions for a music server that I can connect to the DAC in my player? Has anyone demoed the Sonore Music Server or the CAPS v2?
Thanks in advance
Hello Vicks,

I also have very similar Alex "NWO-Mj" SACD Player with digital input and I was trying to find server for it.

Spectron Audio is in the final stages of design of such server and in about three weeks I think we will be ready for the production.

Now, your SACD Player has SPDIF input and , if I am not mistaken, very poor quality USB input (sync 24/48). If you ever think of upgrading your unit to "M" lever you must know that Alex uses modified Hiface USB interface and you can use only Window or Mac based servers. Hiface 2 works well with Lynx OS but you don;t know if Alex will use it. So be careful.

All The Best

Vicks has S/PDIF input only so he can use any computer audio interface with S/PDIF output and it will sound very good.

Sure, we will be using the hiFace Two that appears to be XMOS based. XMOS is the current leader when it comes to USB computer audio solution, IMHO!

Best wishes,
Alex Peychev