Seriously though, maybe the best tweak is exercise?

I posted, mostly in jest, before that cleaning your gear would yield fantastic sounding results. Yes, it was a joke, brought about by the fact that I thought the sound was better afterwards. Of course it was probably placebo ... but what if the actual cause is moderate exercise?

So, audiogoners, I challenge all of you to go out, put some bug spray on, and put your fancy iPhone or Android HR monitor to good use.  Then sit yourself and your sports drink down and listen.

Does it sound better?


TBH, my listening room in the basement equipped with the workout bench right in the sweet spot. To listen without workout activities I simply fold my workbench and move the rolling chair instead. 


Yep, I second that. Sitting on your bums all day is not good, whether at work or at home. Get up and go do something for 5 to 15 minutes every hour or so. This simple trick can help with your blood pressure, heart and blood sugar levels. This is no joke. 

No doubt exercise is important to overall health of body and mind. Enjoyment of music is ALL in the mind. So just put 2 + 2 together.

Saturday morning I hit the gym early , come home, have a decent breakfast then usually a nice long listening session into the afternoon until something finally pries me away. Nice!