Serious Soul/Jazz in Church

Yesterday, we had guest for special music at church and it may have been the musical highlight of the year. It was a blind guy that really got into his music. He played Amazing Grace on his sax and we heard high notes that may have been higher than anything I've ever heard out of an alto sax and I think he almost forgot that anyone else was there. He brought the large Bose Wave Radio and set it on a stand for the background music and it did fairly well considering what it is and the size of the room. Normally, the music in the church is fairly conservative and I'd describe many of the people that are involved as lacking in dymanics, this was an amazing change.

That's great and happy you enjoyed it.

Some "fairly conservative" people just need a chance to get outside of their box.

Your story reminds me of my frustration every time I wanted to learn to improvise or play jazz or blues, a piano teacher would tell me that before I could do anything, I had to learn to read music.

I may be wrong, but I am pretty sure that Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, and your special guest at church don't read music?
If you are looking for a loudspeaker......that can reproduce this to your satisfaction....and this may seem trite....but a much more dynamic loudspeaker of your choosing. I have to say that it is hard to choose, but go above 95 dBs. Best of luck:)
We had a guy that sat in with our church contemporary worship group for a while; he was an accomplished musician who played sax. Needless to say the improv was quite good! The horn added a wonderful element of liviness to the music. More power to horn players! :)