Serious problem with Electrocompaniet ECI-3

Hi everyone,

When I turn up my ECI-3 fairly loud, it cuts out. It should be able to go way louder than it does. I don't listen to a lot of loud music, but it would be really nice if this didn't happen. Also, after it happens, sometimes I hear a strange high-pitched sound in the tweeters of my monitors. Also, the right speaker will usually begin to put out some serious static. All this happens when I turn up the amp fairly loud. Does anyone have any ideas?

I plugged in a 50wpc NAD amp, and there was no problem at all at the same volume level.
no problems with mine...goes plenty loud and still stays musical...any glitches that I have heard so far were due to the 963SA in my system.
I've got a few to suspect some tech malfunction(s).
Were there any shipping involved with your amp by any chance or you picked it up from the store?
I shipped it to myself once as I was going back to school. But I packed that thing so well, I can't imagine that any damage could've occured. But I guess anything's possible.

Thanks people.
I had an Audio Refinement Complete, remote controlled and it developed a really annoying buzz after not even having been used much. It turned on and then suddenly, shut down. I sent the piece to the distributor and they thought that I was abusing the integrated with a heavy load...My suspicion, the integrated was in a sort of cold room and I think with the heavy metallized case and components, it could have developed some moisture along with the voltage that ran through it, it made it fail.

Without any physical shock, things can go out of wire. Especially when you have items going one extreme temperature to another, you might have unusual things happen, such as what happend to me.

Since I have avoided the Audio Refinements and other YBAs like the plague.

I have the exact same problem with my ECI-3. I turn the volume up past the 2 o'clock position and the right speaker goes out! I then turn the volume down to the 8 o'clock position for about a minute and the speaker comes back on. I'm thinking this has to do with a capacitor or transformer overload. I'm not an electical engineer by any means, but my friend is and that's what he said.

Is their any service center I can send my amp to for evaluation?

Please get back to me if you have any updates regarding our amp problem.

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