Serious Krell amp question for those who really know Krell amps

I am currently driving a pair of Revel Salon 2's with a Krell Chorus 5200 as it awaits to be installed in a new HT setup. I'm using a Bricasti M1 to drive it. I had low to medium expectations about the Krell as I just don't remember my last Krell Evolution 302 sounding as musical and inviting as this multi channel 5200. I know hardcore Krell guys don't like the look, the sliding bias arrangement and the fans. So two questions:
1. For those who've really listened to one am I nuts? Great sound is great sound no matter how it's achieved. I really want to hear what other Krell guys think of the sound. Not the side issues.
2. Would it be reasonable to expect a stereo Chorus version to exceed this 5200 multi channel amp?
Ive been an audiophile for a very long time and this darn amp is really good. BTW I'm no dealer and have zero agenda.

Love the new sound because it is more faithful to the sound of instruments and remains evenhanded across the frequency range.  Dynamics are actually improved and tonality is dead on.  You appreciate the sound more and more the longer you is less bombastic and more seductive!  Owned a lot of Krell over last 20 years.
In my system I think I can almost call it lush and extraordinary smooth. I don't know the tech part but it has to be true Class A..