Serious Classical Labels

Curious to know what classical labels have consistently high sound quality. I've had really good success with the Hansler Classic, and Dabringhaus & Grimm (D&G) labels. Any other that stand out for their production qualities?
- Harmonia Mundi

- MA Recordings

I have found the following labels to have provided excellent sounding recordings with a high degree of consistency, although unfortunately a number of them no longer exist:

Harmonia Mundi France
Harmonia Mundi USA
M&K Realtime
Mercury Living Presence re-issues
North Star
Pierre Verany
Reference Recordings
Sheffield Labs
Telarc (many are excellent; some will be disappointing)
Wilson Audio

-- Al
SFSO Media
BSO Classics
Channel Classics
I'd add Fone and Fidelis to the list. Are you asking about digital, vinyl or both?
To add ...

I don't know if you like opera or not, but if you do there are some series put out by the majors that are very good ...

Opera House series by Deutsche Grammophone

Classics for Pleasure by EMI

Any opera with Rene Jacobs on Harmonia Mundi

Linn, Channel, and Pentatone are the top tier, followed by Bis, Ondine, and MD&G.
Al and others: where can one source these labels. I'm embarrassed to admit that most I am not familiar with. Are these re-issues or just old pressings that are still being bought and sold.

By chance there is a great record shop near my house that sells good quality old vintage LPs, but I don't recall seeing the labels memtioned above.

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Glossa Music
MA Recordings
These are great suggestions. This would be all digital. I'm trying to make sense of unfamiliar labels through Arkiv Music. Fantastic selection, but little information about the labels. Trying to pick cds with consistently high production values, and avoid stinkers, although I suppose the odd bad one is inevitable when buying music unheard.
You don't mention if you are looking for 2 channel or multichannel or what
Type of classical music you prefer.
Pentatone is terrific for multichannel SACD. The SFS Mahler cycle is outstanding in both SACD and redbook.
Alia-Vox is another excellent label not yet mentioned.

There are several classical music magazines to check out such as Gramophone that review CDs. They also publish a yearly book. American Record Review also contains all classical reviews.
The Penguin Guides were always useful although they are no longer published. I'm sure you can find some used copies.
02-26-12: Bifwynne
Where can one source these labels.... Are these re-issues or just old pressings that are still being bought and sold?
Hi Bruce,

Amazon would be a good place to start. As you probably realize, in addition to their own stock a lot of independent sellers sell through their site, offering both out-of-print and currently available recordings. also offers at least some recordings from a lot of the labels that have been mentioned. Their listings are sortable by genre, label, and format.

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