Sergio Mendez, what album title for this song?

I'm looking for the album title that has the song title "Mas Que Nada" on it.
Mas Que Nada is the opening song on the album titled "Herb Alpert Presents Sergio Mendez & Brasil '66". If you are into vinyl, there is an Original Master Recording by MoFi.
"The Sergio Mendes Four Sider" 1st track"mais Que Nada" A&M CD 6012..........great disc
Thanks guys. Music direct has a listing for the LP but nothing for the CD. Do you know of any other good mail order sources that might have the CD? I might also try to order through my local Borders Music store.
I find it interesting that you ask about the album title with "Mas Que Nada." I am looking at a Sergio Mendes CD right now. It's been in a cd player in my office for about a month now. The cd is "The Greatest Hits of Sergio Mendes and Brasil '66." I listen to it often. I first started listening to this cd back in the sixties(it was an 8 Track then) and I still find this music very refreshing today. I look at it as one of the best pop "greatest hits" compilations ever. I never get tired of it. You can easily get this disc on amazon or If you like SG and Brazil '66 I recommend you purchase this disc and hear their best recordings. "Fool on the Hill" "Mas Que Nada" "Look of Love" "Scarborough Fair" the great Cole Porter tune "Night and Day," "Like a Lover" And more..... A simply awesome collection of the Latin bossa nova/Pop sound of the '60's compliments of SM. "Four Sider" mentioned in the other post has many of the songs on the Greatest hits but it does not have "Night and Day" (a must hear) "Like a Lover (a must hear) "Scarborough Fair" (a must hear) or "Pretty World." From what I've read about "Four Sider" (have not heard it) it has some rather cheesy covers of other popular songs that did not quite make it (notice that many are not on the Greatest Hits).Be smart and get the Greatest Hits. But if your'r a big fan, get both discs and enjoy!
Foster 9, I did find the greatest hits disc and listened to it last night. I liked it. It sounded best through my VAC tube dac versus the Linn. Nice to listen to in the dark. The cover shows two female vocalists, wow what nice sounding voices but doesn't even list their names. I wonder if either ever did any solo albums? I'm going to order the LP from Music Direct.
Rhljazz: Don't know if either did any solo albums, but their names are Lani Hall and Janice Hansen. And together they made some of the sexiest song vocals I've ever heard.
Lani Hall has a number of solo recordings:

I don't believe Janice Hansen did anything on her own.
Thanks Opalchip for the info. I checked for Lani Hall on the Music Direct site and they did not carry anything.
After doing a little research, it seems that the most desirable Lani Hall albums are in this order:

1. "A Brazileira", 1981 (very rare - recently $127 on Ebay)

2. "Sundown Lady", 1972 - her first solo album after Brazil '66. ($10 to $15 on Ebay, but I see these in thrift stores occasionally).

3. "Sweet Bird", 1976 - Under $10 usually, and I see these on the street frequently. I'm a little concerned about anything in this genre from the late '70's, though. I'd wait to find one for a 2 or 3 dollars.

It seems like Sundown lady is the realistic one to go for, and probably the closest in taste to Brazil '66 - now I wish I hadn't passed up so many of them.
Picked up Sundown Lady today for 10 cents - Did the thrift store rounds and found a fairly beat up copy just to have a listen. It's a bit disappointing, not much like Brazil '66 at all. Some slow torchy songs, a nice version of Tiny Dancer, nothing very interesting to me - basic easy listening ballad type stuff. Kind of a Carole King sound but without the great songwriting. The singing is mostly solo, without Sergio's lush backup harmonies, and frankly not really special - IMHO.

I'll post as I find more of her lp's.
I had a Lani Hall A Brazileira LP before, lent it to my cousin and forgot about it (although I love it). Im quite surprised that this album was never remastered into CD. Some say that Herb Alpert has the rights to Lani Halls recordings so its up to him to resurrect, on CD, this wonderful recording.
all the lani hall recordings are buried with universal music now......write them

If memory serves isn't that the green album cover with the babe & whip cream on it? I first listened to the album (vinyl) back in the early 70's when I was a stout young lad..the cover caught my attention...the music was good to. I think I still have the album in a box somewhere.

It's been a while, but I have the greatest hits CD...I don't remember the recording on the CD being quite as good as the orginal LP.
If you are talking about the latest version with the hip hop parts in it (by black eyed pees), the CD is called Timeless:
Audio CD (February 14, 2006)
Original Release Date: February 14, 2006
Label: Concord Records

You can check details on here:

The first track on it (also the best I think) is
Mas Que Nada (Mah-sh Keh Nah-da) featuring The Black Eyed Peas.

Nice CD for a hot summer, I have it more in the car than on my home stereo though and some of the other songs are not that brilliant. Still worth having for Mas Que Nada, always puts me in a good mood!