Sequerra monitor

Anyone familiar with the Sequerra "professional" monitor? I mean the little, squatty black one with the ugly time alignment jog in the cabinet. Around $1200/pair, I think.
You are referring to the Pyramid MET 7.7, which is a terrific small monitor. I have owned two of the earlier incarnations of this speaker, and thought they were among the best small monitors I have ever heard. When the MET 7's first appeared, Richard Sequerra offered them as either a stand-alone unit, or as part of a larger, full-range system that included a bass module and a ribbon tweeter.

For more information about the Pyramid MET 7.7's, I suggest you go to Sequerra's web site at:

There is also a good review of this speaker, done in May 1999, on the Planet HiFi site at:
You may be referring to the NFM Pro. It's about the size of the MET 7 family, but the cabinet is made of some dark gray/black inert synthetic material. I borrowed a pair for awhile and liked them a lot. Compared to my MET 7 IIs, they have just enough bass to feel like full range speakers, and they're generally clearer (and I don't mean bright) and more refined.

Sequerra may have made a less expensvie model with the same cabinet material, but I don't remember the model number - or I could be thinking of the current Met 7.7 Mk. IV, which has a black cabinet but appears to be made of wood.
I have both the 7s and 7.7 for my H.T.setup and they are wonderful sounding speakers.Nice sound for the size.Using the 7.7 in the front and the 7s in the rear.You might score a pair of 7s for about 250. to 350. and the 7.7s for about 400.00 a pair if you can find them .Cheers.
Thanks for the clarification. It is the NFM Pro that interests me.