hello all -

When I look at the blue book, i see that the Totem Forests have a 'new' price of $3,000 - and that the used price is comfortably in the $1,200 - $2,200 range to support this.

I stopped into a local dealer and they have a pair of the Forest in Black laquer for $4,800 - which seemed quite pricey just for laquer. So I got their pricing structure ...

Forest Ash/ Black Laquer: $4,000 / 4,800
Hawk Ash/Black Laquer: $3,000 / $3,900
Staaf Ash only $1900

Looking at the blue book i see

Forest $3,000
Hawk $2,300
Staaf $1495

Can anyone confirm which pricing structure is correct?

The Audiogon 'blue book' is terribly out of date.
No one is updating it in any meaningful way. So if you wnat to see what stuff sold for, or cost FIVE YEARS AGO then use it.
Although I agree that the "blue book" is out of date, I use it as a rough guide and can usually find a price for something with a simple search and looking at Ebay (which comes up in a search often anyway).
eBay is the best guide that is available, I didn't say perfect, but available. In the nineties, Blue Book was highly reliable, but then lost its way as its sale reporting became almost non existent. All they did was run computer generated data that was 'brand' based. What blue book never considered was 'condition', meaning that pricing could be off 50 to 80 percent.
The Blue Book at least tells you when things were made and leads you to reviews, but that's about all it's good for.
Does it at least track sales that were made via AudioGon?

So say if I was to purchase a set of Forests here - is that linked up to the blue book if the checkout is done via the Audiogon Channel?
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