Seperating movie from CD.

Does anyone know how to perform this procedure?
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If it is copywrited material it is probably illegal.
There are a few downloadable formats. As a member of Netflix I don't find a need to copy a DVD and I do have my Dish DVR.

I do assume you want to copy DVD to hard drive?
DVD copies I can do with no problem. I have a CD that has an imbedded documentary that pops up when I insert the disc in my PC. I want to place the clip on a DVD so I can learn(and watch)the chords in a more comfortable setting.
AT one time there were programs that could do that, but they are now off the market because of complaints from record and movie companies.

One was called CDxCopy by the makers of DVDxCopy. Back when it was "legal" it even sold at Circuit City and Best Buy.
Here is another software download and information help site.
Rip it to the hard drive and then burn it to DVD, I don't see what the big deal is?
The big deal is that is doesn't work.

I don't use it. Never have, never will. ;-)
If it does not work then you obviously don't know what your doing.
If I knew what I was doing, I wouldn't have posted..WOULD I! BTW, how are your "White Van" speakers that you purchased a few of years ago?