Seperates vs Integrated at $2000

I would like to hear from members that have moved from an integrated to seperates or the other way around . Given the same approximate value, @ $2000 total used, is one configuration beneficial over the other ?
I know that this has been discussed elsewhere but not within the context of equal and specific values .
I would be listening to fast dynamic music such as classic rock and contemporary blues, near field and in a small room . Low level characteristics are important .
Can anyone help ?
The difference is in the flexibility of having a physical separation between preamp stage and power amplification stage.

I do not think you can generalize that one or the other definitely sounds better. If you don't need flexibility and only need an amplified output then the integrated approach will probably be cheaper for similar performance/features.
Do you already have speakers? If so, what is the efficiency? If you don't need a lot of power I would go with an integrated. I believe that say a Sim Audio I-5, Pathos Classic or some such (around 2k used) would give you better low level detail than separates in the same price range, IMO. I own Quad 12L's, Quad 909 and Quad 99pre. I really liked the I-5 and Classic more than my Qaud power & pre but, they didn't have enough power for the size of my room. Good Luck.
Tube or solid state, low power or high power?

I own a few of both integrateds and monoblocks/stereo amps with preamps. It's a real toss up if there is a significant advantage at $2,000 price point if you really search for the best. $2k on the used market is where things really start to get interesting in both camps.

The primary advantage for seperates would be isolation from errant elctrical fields and dedicated power supplies for each gain stage. (though, passive preamps negate this). But, then the topic of interconnects come into the question. And that lends other headaches and costs while looking for proper "synergy" between the three components - the right preamp with the amp(s), the right IC's, etc. With integrateds, you get exactly what the manufacturer intended in one chasis - simple, no headaches.

In my system, the seperates have had the edge for performance once dialed in. My Welborne DRD 300B monoblocks amps and passive Bent transformer volume control (TVC) outperform my Audion Sterling EL34 integrated amp and Almarro A318B integrated.

But, I have also had an Audiomat Arpege Prelude integrated tube amp in house for a bit and it was glorious. Really could keep pace with just about any seperates in sheer musical enjoyment(though, it's PP and the others are SET).

Although,if you have the room - go seperates. They provide a greater platform for experimentation and upgrades.

In the solid state camp, a pair of Monarchy amps (SM-70 Pro, SE-100 Delux), ~$600 & ~$850 respectively, with a FT Audio LW-1 passive premplifier perform far beyond their price point. Or, try a Placette passive preamp(~$1k). The Monarchy and either of these two pre's will be absolutely incredible in the speed, dynamics, and transparency department.

For a little more "flesh on the bones", try a nice tubed pre with the Monarchys. Something like a Blue Circle, Audio Research, BAT, etc.

I'm a tube freak, but that's whole 'nother can o' worms to get into.
Shadorne ; You break it down to simplicity vs flexibility .
Eldarado ; I did not list my current system so as not to get too specific in the querry. You do bring up a good point about synergy, with the integrated offering less flexibility in that department .
Darkmoebius ; You make a good point for simple musicality vs embarking on a quest for the perfect sound !

Very good answers all! Thank you .
I smell another thread coming on .
Rogue Cronus integrated
Vandersteen 2Ce Signatures

All of the above desired characteristics, plus accuracy, detail, extension, imaging, synergy, VALUE.
Thank you Stevecham . I am not familiar with the Rogue integrated but will check it out . I have been thinking about the 2CE's also !
If you are just interested in 2 channel and not interested in HT, I think you're better off going with an integrated. Single box, less IC's to deal with, one less power cord to deal with, equals more money to spend on a single box and less synergy issues to contend with.

I personally love the fact that for 2 channel I can use my Plinius (SS) or Eico (tube), both are integrated. Then if I want to do HT, I can switch over to my Sunfire separates.

Hope this helps and good luck,