Separation; D from A in power, where does DAC go?

I have read that it is a good idea to separate the digital from the analog when concerning power conditioning. My question is where does a DAC fall under? Does it go with the digital sources or with the analog source?
I would call it a digital source, as it does handle a digital signal. All logic, no science to my response, though, so I'm hoping someone with a scientific explanation can chime in here. However, Jerry Ozment, my digital guru, has always advised me to turn off my DAC when listening to analog sources, so that's why I think I might be right on this one.
The DAC is definitely a digital product and as such should go on the digital side of any conditioner or dedicated circuit.

is digital and analog but digital is the problem so keep it on the digital side, however if you dont have separate dedicated circuits it might not make to much diference. the key to geting the best out of your equipment is to run two separate dedicated circuits, if you can only run one make it a 30 amp with 10 or 12 gauge electrical wire and a hospital grade outlet. p.s if your not handy with electicity get an electrician
Just a clarification to leoinstereo ... if you make it a 30 amp circuit (a good idea) it must be a minimum of 10 gauge wire ... 20 amp would be a minimum of 12 gauge ... 15 amp a minimum of 14 gauge. You can always put more wire however ,,, in my system I have 20 amp circuits for my main amps but used 10 gauge wire. Good Listening!!
thank you to jkphoto your right for 30 amp circuit you need a minimum of 10 gauge wire. the reason i said 10 or 12 gauge is because i have a 30 amp with 10 gauge and a 20 amp with 12 gauge i should have clear that up thank you.