Separates suggestions appreciated

Thanks for the time all.
migrating to separates during an upgrade to 4k before too long. Currently running a Pioneer Elite SC-07. No specific complaint but I think separates would allow me to keep my amp (and get a good one) without being obsoleted by the video end of things. maybe a dumb idea but........
My speakers are ERA all around (they should take up to 250W)  and i would call them neutral to warm that respond to power. They are 8ohm on paper and feel a bit low on the efficiency side.
A decent processor with pre-outs is about $1k (thinking maybe a Marantz SR5013) but Im a bit conflicted about an amp. Thinking Monoprice, Classe, Rotel, and such (keeping it under $2500 USD would be nice). With 90% HT and 10% 2 channel I would like to punch up the brightness a touch but keep a decent punchy bass.

appreciate any suggestions or maybe im being a knucklehead and should just stick with the receiver.

Completely correct Tim. Upgrade totally driven by video. That said if I am changing video I thought I should be able to do better with the audio.  Option 3 was Mr first inclination but I got to thinking about option 1and realized I don't know much about amps and possible options. Thanks for options 2 and 4. 2 would be the cheapest for sure. 

Thanks for all the ideas and education.
Hello paulsax,

    Yes, option#2 would definitely be the least expensive but it does nothing in terms of your desire to migrate away from using an A/V receiver and toward using separates.  In my opinion, it actually complicates matters by using your existing A/V receiver to power all channels of a new A/V preamp component.  
    The main thing you'd be gaining with a using a new 4K compatible A/V preamp is 4K video processing similar to the 1080P video processing currently incorporated in your SC-07 A/V receiver.
    If you're not overly concerned with having 4K video processing with a new 4K hdtv, however, there is a 5th option you should be aware of:

5.  Buy a new 4K hdtv and keep your SC-07 A/V receiver.  You should be able to connect the video directly to your new 4K hdtv and completely bypass any video signal being sent to your SC-07, since it's unable to process 4K video anyway.  You would just connect the audio to your SC-07 and still retain your 7-9 channel surround sound.

    If a company in the near future offers a new 4K video disc player that has the same functionality as the Oppo 205, then this would also be a worthwhile addition to your system in a few aspects:

1.  It would likely include a 4K video processor that optimizes 4K picture quality as well as up-sample non 4K discs and video signals to 4K.
2.  It would likely include an internal 7.1-9.1 channel audio surround sound processor with 7-9 channel audio outputs that can be connected directly to external amps. 

      Using a 4K video disc player with these features along with a combination of separate amps for 7-9 channels,would also allow you to complete a migration to separates and eliminate the need for your SC-07 A/V receiver.
    This method would allow you to incorporate a 4K hdtv, a 4K video disc player and a switch to separates in stages as your budget allows.  Just another option to consider but, unfortunately, it does rely on a company introducing a 4K video disc player with the required features I described.

thanks Tim.  gotta say this option resonates with me.  appreciate it.