Separates question/advice

Currently running an integrated, Naim Nait 5si, with a Rega P6 into Hagerman Trumpet MC phono pre on the analog side and Schiit Bifrost 2 on the DAC side, with Triangle Borea Br08 speakers . Considering going to separates but unsure if this would be going backwards or not...I am interested in the Schiit Freya + along with a power amp in the $1000-$2000 range (or could go cheaper and do a Schiit Aegir). Idea being flexibility to go tube on the pre with digital but also can go solid state when doing vinyl in case the phono pre is already plenty tubey sounding. 

Anyone have thoughts or have owned and changed from a Naim Nait?

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At best this would be a sideway's move. Agree w/russ69 upgrade the speakers. Triangles are easy to power the Nait 5si should have no problem handling the higher end speakers. In fact if you have a Triangle dealer near you see if you can demo some of the better speakers on your Nait at home.

I would say you really should focus on the sound quality. Audition other integrateds as well. Don't make a change just to upgrade, or just to go to separates.  Find a setup that makes you love the performance first.

Good points... dealer recommended the Naim but it's so hard to find opinions on it out there. I'm now leaning towards looking at upgrading the speakers and/or DAC now... thank you!

Anyone here have experience comparing the different Triangle models? 

Anyone here have experience comparing the different Triangle models?

A little. Right now you want to buy something in the Esprit EZ , Genese, or higher line. 

What is it you do not like about the Naim 5si? That Amp has some serious balls. That’s what was found when John Atkinson tested it. Although he did mention he over heated the Amp running it at about 20 percent output for hours on end. You don’t mention what is displeasing about the Amp, prompting you to want to go the go seperates route. Honestly, I find that a tubed phono preamp is better for vinyl listening. The Naim has no phono input. So you already have solid state in the Naim, adding a tubed phono preamp would compliment it. A border patrol dac will tame the digital harshness. The Naim has no dac....I'd bet that Naim would be great driving some Tannoys...

I don't necessarily dislike it. I think it's a combination of just being antsy and wanting to change something, and the nait being a touch forward in my listening space. It is very capable but in combination with the triangles it can leave me wanting something a touch smoother. I haven't gotten my Hagerman trumpet in yet so currently on a project tube box s2, so the analog chain may be fixed there, but not on the digital side...