Separates or Receiver for 2K

Any opinions on which to go with; separate prepro/amp or a great receiver - combined use Music and HT - in this price range, used equip OK. Speakers are 6ohm, 88db.
There is no such thing as a "great receiver" as far as i'm concerned. Asking for one that does multi-channel HT makes that even more of a contradiction in terms. When you factor in that you have somewhat lower impedance speakers that are of relatively low sensitivity, you're decision is pretty much made for you IF quality truly does matter.

Having said that, i would put a little more money into the amplifier(s) than i would the Pre / Pro. With all of the various formats that keep changing, investing in a high dollar Pre / Pro will SURELY end up hurting you in the long run. Just take a look at all of the Dolby Pro Logic and even AC-3 gear that is not DTS compatible up for sale and you'll have a good idea as to why i say what i do. To really drive the point home, just try asking the folks that invested in "high tech" and "upgradable" products like the $10K Proceed HT processors. They can't give the stuff away for $2K nowadays. Sean

PS... While i'm kind of leary about the stuff myself, you might want to look into the Outlaw gear. It seems to be suited for folks in your position. As such, you might end up liking it / find it perfectly suited for what you want out of a system. Another alternative might be the newer Carver ( aka Sunfire ) HT receivers. As mentioned above though, i have my doubts about any receiver.
Definately separates... Gives you the flexibility of
upgrades and changes moreso than a Receiver.
I personally like and own the B&K Reference 20. You can buy one on agon for about 700.00 it is a great piece for video and with the right cables, the audio section of the preamp is very good. The software can be upgraded anytime at B&K for a fee to whatever their current offering is. I personally havent found the need to upgrade it except to the Ref 50 with full balanced inputs and outputs. Anyway. If you wanted to go with a nice 5 channel amp, the B&K Reference 7250 II is a great piece and has 5 x 200 watts and will drive your 6 ohm speakers well. This can be had for around 13-1400.
There are your 2k Separates!!
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Separates are the way to can get a lexicon DC1 for under $1000.list was $5000.great piece...match it with the anthem MCA-5 for around $600.or one of the 5 channel can even add another 2 channels at a later date for logic-7...good luck
I agree with Sean and the others who responded above. Separates is the way to go. There was a post about this topic a few days ago in here. Type "separates" or "receiver or separates" in the search box and you will find info about it. In fact, I responded to one a while ago regarding what I felt is the advantage(s) of separates to receivers. Please search my post, username "amandarae". inform not to convince....

Let me throw another name in the hat for separates if I was to spend $2K or more for electronics to anchor a home theater/multi-channel audio system (probably totalling about $8K and above). And the setups I would look at that price would include the following:

(01). Outlaw Audio Model 950 Pre/Pro and the matching Model 7100 5 Channel Amplifier -- about $1,700.00 (total).


(02). Rotel RSP-1066 Pre/Pro and their matching RMB-1075 5 Channel Amplifier -- about $2,500.00 (totally). A little above the amount that you were intending to spend. But if you shop around, you could get this combo for somewhere close to $2K.

Those would be my choices for around $2K if it were my money. And like I said, if I am spending that kind of money, I would be looking solely at separates anyway.

If I was to decide to look at a receiver instead of separates (and when I am spending $2K, then that's unlikely to happen), then the only receiver that costs $2K or more that is worth buying to me is the Denon AVR-4802. The Sunfire "Ultimate" Receiver (which is about $4K....... and if you're going to spend that much, then you might as well get you either the TOL Denon AVR-5803 or a B&K) will probably get honorable mention.

Good Luck and Happy Hunting and Listening!!!!

Separates is the way to go!I went away from recievers so long ago I can't remember!
Just went from a denon 2800 to the 2800 with seperate amp for front two speakers to a b&k ref 20($600) with a b&k 3channel($400) amp and bryston 2 channel ($600). Don't see myself ever going the reciever route again. Difference is night and day. With $2000 you have a lot of choices on the used market. Have fun. You can buy and try things, sell if not satisfied and usually get most if not all of your money back.
I've got Harnman Kardon AVR525. If I would use it as prepro and if I would get Rotel RMB-1075 amplifier, would I get much better sound?
I have a Lexicon CP-3Pro ,but I have not inserted it my system yet.It should be alot better than any reciever going because it will allow my to keep my 2ch. away from my HT in the same system using a Passive Preamp with a 5ch. amp and a Dedicated 2ch. amp for the mains.

I cannot imagine spending $$ to screw up 2ch. playback and that is what people do by buying HT recievers.

Ideally, if I am to combine home theater with 2 channel music, I'd buy a higher quality preamp and 2 channel poweramp then add the processor and 3 channel amp. However, it would be hard to get all this below $2K plus mucho cables. So, for $2k, I'd go with a receiver especially considering most poweramps within this price range are not that much more musical than receivers to begin with.