Separates Newbie??

 As the title says I am new to using separates. I’ll be brief as possible. Have the opportunity to purchase a B&K 200.7 or an NAD T973 with new nippon caps. Within $100-$150 in price, T973 higher. Like the fact these don’t produce in your face higher frequencies. After research sounds like I can’t  go wrong either one sound wise, my main question is which one would withstand sustained higher volumes better?  It will be used for home theater and music/music DVDs. Heavier on the music side.  My speakers are revel F32 and C30 with PSB surrounds & JL Fathom110. 5.1 system. Current receiver is Integra DTR 50.2. Will use this for preamp. Not enough juice for Revels. A 5 channel suggestion under $1000 is appreciated too. Keeping in mind sustained volume. 
Thanks in advance 

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Since you'll be using it as a pre-amp then sustained high power is a non-issue. Pre-amps don't really amplify. Line voltage comes in, line voltage goes out. Mostly in fact what they do is attenuate.

When it comes to power amps its more a question of cooling than anything else. The conditioning steps all amps go through just to get their wattage ratings is more demanding than anything most owners will ever put them through. Unless they get crammed into a rack with other hot gear and poor circulation. Avoid that and you can forget about this and find other stuff to worry about.