separate system for just music?

Is it a common practice to have a totally different system for your music vs. hometheater? Right now I have only one system that i use for both but recently I've been playing with the idea of getting a very nice amp for just stereo music. I have lots of speakers and can easily dedicate a pair just for music. If i bought a nice amp, and only want to use a cd to play the music, what else do i need to complete the system? Do i need a preamp? I have so far, speakers and a cd player. What else do i need to complete this? an amp and preamp? i want to make it as simple as possible. thx for your help.
Simple as possible? Look for an integrated amp (combo of an amp and preamp). If your cd player has a volume control you could get away with just an amp but I recommend going with an integrated.
I feel a good amp with lots of power is the backbone behind good music. Those integrated ones just don't seem to cut it for me. So in order to make it work, I need a preamp to hook up a cd player to an amp?
First, I doubt a separate system for music is common practice, but I haven't seen any credible surveys to support that conclusion.

Second, unless you plan on a separate room for music, speaker placement is like to be a greater consideration than amp selection. I can imagine a set up in which in-wall speakers are used for HT and a pair of free standing speakers for music.

The only advantage of separate systems that I can envision is HT processing seems to be changing more rapidly than music processing, and replacing high-end HT processors that have become obsolete can get expensive. I'm happy living with a bit of obsolescence in a single system, but if my preamp supported pass-through I'd probably add an Integra processor -- doubt I want to deal with level matching issue from just plugging a processor output into an unused preamp input.

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I have maintained separate 2-channel and HT/secondary 2-channel systems for many years.
I have 2 systems in one. My 2 channel preamp has cinima pass through. I listen to mostly vinyl and is why I went this way. I am thinking of seperating the 2 system because of grounding issues though. If I did not listen to vinyl then I would have only 1 system and it wound be the HT system I have now. It sounds great for 2 channel digital sources. If you are going to a ht processor make sure you can update it with software. HT system change much more often than 2 channel. If you cannot upgrade it then you will be replacing it in a year or so.
I have 2 separate systems and am quite happy. The theater is no slouch. However, my 2 channel is a nice little tube set up with vinyl and cd. The theater is in my basement and is really set up for theater and 5 channel audio.

My 2 channel is in my office and is set-up for much better imaging.

Both are equal quality with totally different personalities. Yes, I change amps with my moods.