separate Phono

Currently I am using the hovland Hp-100 line stage .I am in the market for a phono pre-amp for my clearaudio champion level II/clearaudio mod 300B with shelter 501mk2 cart.I called Hovland today and it would cost me $1695 for a phono section for my pre-amp.Any one out there have any experience with hovland phono section? do you think it would better for me to buy a separate phono for the same price range?..please advice..thank you
if you are keeping the hovland for the longterm, add it.
I owned it for a very long time. It is an excellent phono section and hard to beat for the money.
Unless you want to spend more $ - the Hovland is a great phono section.
You can get more flexibility with a Rhea - especially if using more than one turntable.