Separate Ethernet runs or one, then to a switch?

My wifi router is about a 25 ft cable run from my AV system. I can run 2 or 3 Ethernet cables from the router to the equipment, but should I run one cable and connect it to a switch such as Etheregen (my max budget probably) or any other kind of switch/splitter  to go to the equipment? I may have an integrated amp or preamp for Qobus streaming there eventually. Now I have a Bluesound Node2 into an Anthem AVR and a separate Roku.

Or maybe 2 runs. One dedicated for the (BS Node2) streamer (or eventually an all-in-one integrated) and a second one for everything else with a switch/splitter for them.


Place the switch at the wifi router with a short patch cable, and still run the multiple lines from that location to the equipment?

Is there a best practices for this? 

Go with one run, use a switch near your destination, but!! Try to keep the switch's power supply outside / before your power conditioner.
Another very cheap solution is using a second generation Apple Airport Express to connect to yor router via wifi. Saves the hassle of switches, cables and what else
Ideally one Ethernet line to two switches, first switch at the router end. Run another line to the second switch within a meter or so to your equipment keeping it dedicated to music and streaming. Use the first switch for all no audio equipment.

if funds permit be sure to power your router, switches with LPS,s. To go a step further run optical between first switch and second switch powering the FMC,s with LPS. 
This set up will give you cd quality streaming and music playback if executed correctly. 
Execution, attention to detail and imagination is a key to building a system.
That's going to take me a while to figure out. Is there a diagram I can look at to understand it better?

I'm already stuck at square one, btw. I tried to use cat 8 cable and apparently have no idea (and so do a lot if other people) how to properly ground it to eliminate future noise, hum and ground issues in the cable. That's a while other issue. Going back to cat 6. 

check out audiophile style formerly computer audiophile there are quite a few threads on optical, switches,LPS for your system. Another informative one is on what’s best forum regarding same topics under computer audio . Most of these threads do have diagrams to help you out . Also google the subject.

it may seem complicated at first but its a fun worthwhile journey.