Separate amp with an avr

Hello to everyone. My question is this. In my bedroom I have a Marantz SR 5010. Can I add an external amp to this receiver for the purpose of supplying power to the main speakers, Paradigm S2. Would it make any difference at all? Just wondering if "better" power to the mains for music and movies, would allow the Marantz more breathing room? The amps in the Marantz are fine, but the Paradigm's use more juice than the Def tech studio 55's that were the mains before. Thankx in advance for any ideas. Just thinking out loud!


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Yes you can add an amp to your setup and it most likely will improve on a few things provided that the amp you add is of better quality than the Marantz's onboard amps.  It will take some of the load off of the Marantz power supply which will allow more power to go to the remaining Marantz amp channels.

How much improvement is tough to determine without more specifics.


Find a used 2-channel 125w/ch+ B&K, Parasound, Anthem, Acurus, etc for less than $500.00 and you should be good to go.