Sent Back the Pro-ject Turntable: What would be the best option in the $1800 range?

I wasn't crazy about the sound quality so I sent it back. 

 chakster recommended this TT:

What are the recommendations of other audiogoners at that price range?

Sounds like the OP’s tastes and sensitivities might be more oriented to the sound of a table with a suspended sub-platter.

I’ve a personal preference for suspended sub-platter designs, personally. Finding that they seem to have the best noise floor and dynamic range, overall, as a type of design.
I second the Polytable (with Jelco 850) as an alternative to the GR.
Just found this on sale at Audio Advisors  Bryston BLP .5 Turntable With BTP1 Power Supply-Audio Advisor this should be in your price range.
This thread went crazy, i can only add this one to the list above. 
I have a Project Debut Carbon turntable with an Ortofon Bronze cartridge, love the cartridge, not to impressed with the table.  Doesn’t come close to matching the quality of my Ayon Orion amp and Vienna Acoustics Mozart Grand SE speakers. But it will have to do, I’m done spending money on stereos and I’m losing my hearing anyway 😂